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guix on NRR

apacman -S guix

will get you the best package manager in the world onto NRR.

However, while the guix daemon starts with a lil fiddling via the SystemD GUI in sys-settings, the build scripts omits some more steps ( addgroup etc.) to get guix fully working.

But it’s only a few bash lines.

First, we ship yaourt not apacman.
Second, AUR packages are considered unstable, and unsupported, use them at your own peril.

such a shame, KDE has not made guix the ONLY official packManager of KDE.

Guix has nothing to do with Plasma (KDE), it’s a cli package manager and package management system.
Netrunner Rolling uses, and will always use, the package management system of it’s parent distributions Manjaro and Arch, currently pacman and libalpm.

Eventually, Guix will end the package deployment crisis and rule the Linux world. Inevitably. :sleepy:

Constantly reinventing the wheel is the open source way.
The same has been said for almost all package managers, as well as things like snaps, appimages, and flatpacks…
IMHO, no one package manager will EVER rule them all.

May I kindly bring to your attention the fact that Nix of NixOS and Guix of GuixSD did invent the wheel in the first place, to use your analogy.

Guix allows to actually get reproducible builds, which pacman , yaourt can NEVER do.

It is a major innovation (“building as a function”) which only nix & guix are capable of. I don’t see how this can be neglected in the future.

That would be up to Arch to change, implement.
We essentially take existing Manjaro packages then add to, and build upon, them.
There is actually a bit more to it than that, but you get the idea.

sure, and with guix operational in NRR, every user can now start the migration from pacman to guix until all packs are ported. Take the Nix packs as a startting point and the ones from GuixSD.

certain apps, such as ones in Python, can be built reproducibly under NRR. This will help greatly with bug diagnosis. One could pick a gnome app from GuixSD or a KDE app from NixOS and start modding it to get a hang of guix. :wink: :shy:

Again, unless upstream implements it, we are more than likely not going to use it ourselves.
Your more than welcome (free) to use whatever you like.
Just remember that if you mess up your system, your on your own.
Guix is an AUR application, and as such, is NOT officially supported.

… not yet supported. But soon Guix will rule planet Linux, at which point that becomes a moot point. :wink:

At that point. well probably have it as well, but not until then. :wink: