Had problems installing Netrunner

Hello Netrunner-Community

I installed Netrunner yesterday midnight and theres definetly a problem with the installer and not my hardware. After 3 failed installations i was like :huh: :s

Then after a bit of search i realised there were other people who picked another language and experienced the same problem. Someone even talked bout system time n stuff.
Well as my onboard time and the time i saw on the Installer for Switzerland was the same i still couldn’t install it
still the same error something with ubi-creator…

Another search and somehow i finally found a blogger who talked about the swiss-keyboard having problems being recognized to german language or something like that. The only solution he found was to install Netrunner with the english language, (also picking swiss keyboard during that installation was no problem) and yea so i was able to install it :smiley:

When i tried to change the language after installation trough system settings ,somehow it never added the german language. always failed after installation-bar
So i used the terminals. 1. sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade didnt work first, but it told me to -f (i guess this means force? :angel: )
and then it also downloaded the language packs.
Now i finally have my system in german language. :cool:

Its my first time in forums, also im not a native english speaker. So there might be grammatical faults here and then.
I hope my thread isnt in the wrong section
I’ve been testing many Linux-Distros the last months (absolute beginner, only a few commands known) and Netrunner is definetly an eye-catch, wonderfull unique desktop.i think this will be my distro.
The drivers work well, the onboard functions of my notebook (sound, brightness) have been installed automatically.
Haven’t tried many features so far. I guess the software-center is Jack’n’Joe?
Since im new i’d be happy if someone could help me out with software and settings and tipps as i want to use this distro as a full-time multimedia-desktop - high definition games included. :stuck_out_tongue: i guess it’s possible as steam is pre-installed.

Thank you if made it here ^^

Well I can susggest you to make a script that can auto clean your cache via crontab and for games
you can go agead with playonlinux if you want to play windows games whcih are supported.
Can you be clear on tips on which perticular portion you need tips ?