HDA Intel PCH Not Very Load


I just installed Netrunner 13.06 and my sound sounds fine, it’s just not very loud. Is there a work around for an issue like this? Attached is a screenshot of my audio setup.


Saw a simular post yesterday as I was reading through the forums…try moving default to the top of the list. I hope that helps.

Try also change the values of the differnt controls in the mixer especially PCM, Front and Speaker

I tried moving all the volume controls to their maximum and also moved the default device to the top of the list. No change.
I added a screenshot, all the volume sliders where maxed out except master, but I reduced that intentionally. I would say the low volume is like 65% of master anything above 85% is sort of loud, but it makes very little difference (85%-100% sounds very similar).


It appears, you are running the defualt device, The top one, does not work?
You control the volume with the kmix speaker icon, wher you can select the correct master channel and make it as loud as you want, provided you’re speakers are working. Right click on the icon, to select the master channel and left click to raise or lower your volume.
Hope, that helps.

Also from terminal run alsamixer and make sure they are all as high as you want them and that the right number of channels are selected

Hope this helps