Hello! New distro hopper here!

[size=medium]I am a big distro hopper[/size]

[size=small]I have tried all the main distros, and some distros off them. [/size]
[size=medium]Here is some facts about me:
I am studying in launch code and have a wide interest in linux and I HATE windows, though sometimes I have to use it. I am a linux gamer I mainly like turn based strategy games, if i could get my hands on more though.

Hi Looptux, and welcome to the Netrunner forums!

Thank you!

Its a long time a work with Linux, even when a was independent artist.
Netrunner works fine, and i have no problems so far, congratulations to all for the fine work !!!
I have a light form of diabetes and i need a solid system, because a need me office and a good agenda for me appointments.
I wish Netrunner stays on the run… Success.
Greetings to all,