Bonjour à tous et bonne année 2013 :slight_smile:

Je suis un utilisateur de système linux depuis plus de dix ans, je viens d’installer netrunner et j’adore. Simple et efficace.
Si des francophones veulent de l’aide, je suis dispo.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year 2013 :slight_smile:

I am a linux user system for a few years, I just discovered Netrunner.
Thank you to the system.

Hello and a Happy New Year to you too and welcome to the forums :smiley:

Same to you.

Hi! I’m a newbie here. I would like to meet people, make new friends and share hobbies and interest.

[color=#000080]@olivier, @roadrunner, @yass100, Welcome and although I have a lot of knowledge I can work with what I’ve learned and it has been helpful. :idea:
Netrunner 13.12 is now the best KDE distribution. :wink:
I am open to making friends and sharing. :cool:
Happy 2014
[/color] :stuck_out_tongue:

hello, I’m salar…I’m 18 years old…I’m from Pakistani…but i like English Smile