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help install dual gpu nvidia intel

I’m try to setup my MSI GS73 to use both GPU.

I’m on the 17.3 version and I will like to have some tips to do this installation.
I already try to install Bumblebee but was not working because the Intel card miss the drivers, so clean all again and try to install only the Nvidia with Optimus, but also on this I was not able to start the Xserver.
I follow many post on Ubuntu forum with no result so now I’m here, hope you can help me :slight_smile:

If you don’t need the Intel card the easiest would be turning it off in the bios if that is possible.
That’s the easiest fix for those kinds of problems.
In general hybrid graphics support by nvidia simply sucks

Thanks but I can`t the Intel is on as I detach the power, so I have to find a way to use both :frowning:


I’m using Bumblebee successfully, all I did was follow this:

And all worked fine, much easier than on Ubuntu based Maui. And I don’t even use the intel driver - I use modesetting and it works perfectly well.

Thanks to all,
after a long process of try and search I got to the root of the problem.
My hardware is too new, I have the i7 7700 with the new GPU 630, and this GPU is supported only by a Kernel level 4.11
Bumblebee is not reconnizing the Intel Gpu correctly and use the 915 driver.
According with the Intel web site I will also need Mesa 17 to use this GPU, so for the moment I go without the Bumblebee.
At list until all those new package came in the repository.
Hope this help others. :slight_smile: