HELP! Sound problems that I can't understand


I am a Linux newbie and left the world of Windows to try out Enigma. I installed in and everything seemed to work. However, I must confess that I never have understood my sound configuration.

I use a Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium to drive a pair of headphones.

In the KDE Control Module for the Audio, for the Default Audio Playback option, I have Preferred the Creative X-Fi, Front/WaveIn (Default Audio Device), to take it to the top of the list of devices. I have used the Apply Device List To… button to copy this device organization to the Audio Recording and Video Recording categories, as well. The Analog Output Channel was made visible for the Creative X-Fi and set to Headphones. When I press the Test button, I hear the music loudly and clearly. My Backend Preference is VLC media player. If I open the VLC app directly and open a media stream then select the Create X-Fi Front/WaveIn device for audio playback, I can hear the audio. So, I know that my soundcard works.

In KMix, for the mixer Creative X-Fi, I have selected the Master channel as the one representing the Master Volume.

My sound was working just fine until my system seemed to hang after watching a Youtube video. Now, even though the tests described above still work, I get no sound from my programs. I know NOTHING about how to configure the new OS and the research that I have done on the Internet has yielded no fruit.

Can someone please help? Perhaps, does anyone know of a comprehensinve guide to configuring audio for Netrunner Enigma 13.06, KDE 4.10.5? Or, is this a known issue? Thank you.

So VLC as an example app does not play any sound anymore ? Did you reboot your machine ?
Did you doublecheck the sound options in the apps (like vlc) ?