hidden functionality - as in login, grub menu

I do like nr 16 - excellent artwork and looks and all ! Some really serious artisans at work ! Thank you !

But would you please allow for a little cautioning: Hidden functionality is quite often not a good thing !

Like you hide the grub boot menu.
Like NR16 hides an arrow to scroll to a third username while in login screen.

Sure Windows 8.1 is a horrific OS with it’s gesture-only reachable POWER-OFF function, in fact it is a crime against ergonomy basic rights.

You may catch my drift by now…

The boot menu should be only hidden by default if you have only one operating system installed. If that isn’t the case and it is still hiding it might be a bug. (I don’t remember upstream Kubuntu making a change here)

The login screen issue seems to be an usability design issue that could and should be solved.

Thanks for your feedback