Hidden taskbar

I’ve been using this distro for 2 months. I use it on a laptop which sometimes I connect to a second monitor and sometimes don’t. So I reconfigured the output with the ‘display configuration’ tool sometime.

Since a few days ago the taskbar is hidden if I turn on the laptop without any secondary monitor, but I still can see it if I connect it to the monitor.

Since it’s annoying working without that bar I’ve tried to reset defaults (‘default’ button) with the ‘display configuration’ tool, but nothing happens, I still can’t see the taskbar.

Any suggestions for this please?

Can you explicitly turn off the second monitor in the settings and hit apply.

I’ve just tried it and no, taskbar still disappeared. I had to connect before the second monitor so I could explicitly disable it, otherwise I only had one monitor on the ‘display configuration’ application. :’(