Homerun Kicker doesn't list applications

Hi everyone,

I just installed netrunner and it runs well, except the Homerun Kicker does not list any applications. It only has the power off buttons. Everything else seems to work. Any ideas on how to get that button to list applications?

Thanks much


Are there any category items in the menu ?
Is the menu completely empty ?

Can you make a screenshot please.

Also is the normal kicker or kickoff menu working ? (The traditional menu and the normal menu)

There are no application categories. What is there are: three power buttons for power off, restart, and logout. And then: recent applications, favorite applications and power/session. The recent applications just shows a few of the things I have opened and the favorite applications is empty.

I can’t take a screenshot because I don’t know how to get to that application right now. All I have is that square box in the lower left hand corner with those things I just mentioned.

This is my first day with netrunner, so I don’t know really know what the difference is between “normal kicker” and “kickoff menu.”

You can make a Screenshot with the printkey on your keyboard.
The panel is configurable and you can add widgets to it like alternative application menus.
Try clicking on the configure panel option in the far right and adding another menu widget. See if this is working for you.

As for the error itself it might be helpful if you can attach your ~/.xsession-errors file. It’s a hidden text file in your home directory.


Thanks for all the help, leszek. Here’s my .xsession-error file:

Script for none started at run_im.
Script for auto started at run_im.
Script for default started at run_im.
init: gpg-agent post-stop process (1997) killed by TERM signal

I attached a screenshot and hope it comes through.


Wow that looks strange.
My first impression it is just resized too small to show any app categories anymore.
Can you try to resize it and see if your apps appear again.

[attachment=500]I’ve resized it and it’s still empty. I just noticed that netrunner doesn’t remember file associations. Each time I click on a .jpg, I need to reassociate that extention with a program. Could there be a relationship?



Yeah it seems like there is some kind of error in the freedesktop.org application
I hope this is only a local problem. Can you create a new user and try and see if it works for it.

Could you compare the contents of your /usr/share/config/homerunkickerrc file with this:









@ laszek,
I haven’t looked at both homerunkickerrc and homerunrc files yet, but shouldn’t that last line read baloosearch instead of nepomuksearch? This might be why search isn’t working quite right, just a thought.

leszek - the homerun kicker works for my new user. Thanks much. I can work there while I try to figure this out.

AJSlye – I don’t have a /usr/share/config directory. Could the homerunkickerrc file be elsewhere?

leszek – one other thing. I don’t know if this is important, but I used as my home partition the same partition I used with another Linux OS that Netrunner replaced. Any chance that there is something in that old /home that might have caused this?

Thanks again.



I apologize as I found the issue with my previous post, under the Ubuntu version of Netrunner this file is kept under /usr/share/kde4/config/ instead of /usr/share/config/.

Yeah most probably it is. But I can’t imagine currently what it could be.
The only thing I could advise you to do is try and error.
So first start with renaming the hidden .local directory in home and relogin and see if it works then. If yes then copy it back go into that directory and try renaming the folders there one by one to testwhat is causingit

AJSlye, my /usr/share/kde4/config file is the same as the one you posted. I think I’ll stick with my new /home for the time being and work on the old user name later. Thanks both of you again for your help.