Homerun Kicker Search

Is there a way to get similar search behavior in Homerun Kicker as with the typical KDE launcher? Specifically, when I search under other KDE distros, I can search on an application description as well as the application name. So if I wanted to find a terminal app, I could start to type term and konsole would pop?


Yes, there is…


I understand that covers the actual name of the app. But on the default KDE launcher I can also search on the description of the software.

For example, if I wanted to find a terminal app, I would start typing ‘term’ and Konsole would pop up.

“Alt + F2” could be the solution.


Homerun Kicker does not support this currently.

Yes thanks. I realized that this gave me that functionality. I was just wondering if it existed within Kicker itself. And I see that leszek confirmed this functionality doesn’t currently exist in Kicker. Thanks leszek.

Still wonderful regardless. :slight_smile: