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Homerun Kicker's font is ugly

In general, KDE fonts look nice and slick when open settings menu, etc, but the start button (Homerun - Kicker) doesn’t look nice. It looks as though it isn’t integrated completely in KDE.

Are there ways to change the kicker’s font to make it look like the rest of the system?

To change the font size and type for menus: system-settings > application appearance > fonts > menu fonts

Homerun kicker also follows your desktop theme as well, what you might be seeing is the difference between the white fonts used on dark colors and the black fonts used on light ones, try changing your desktop theme to one that uses a light colored menu with black fonts.

However, If that is not the case then I think what you may be experiencing this:

Adjusting the desktop theme does help a bit improving the font look, but the KDE integrated font looks a lot more sharp and crisp. There is a difference.

Will definitely check out the launchpad regarding to a certain bug.


Here is the thing though, Homerun kicker does use the KDE integrated font settings, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to change dynamically like the rest of the KDE system menus, I had to log out and back in for changes in system-settings > application appearance > fonts > menu font to take effect in it, this might just be worth a shot.

Where is the application appearance? I couldn’t find it in system settings?

I see font settings, but no menu font.

It’s under font settings, the fifth one down and it’s labeled as just Menu.

Found it. Thanks.

Light background helps a lot, but KDE have bit of work to do.

Personally, I do not believe this is a KDE font rendering issue but has to something to do with certain themes. I’ve noticed that if I select the desktop theme ‘AIR’ then the fonts don’t even show up in the CPU temperature applet.

Can you suggest the app launchers and I’ll have a look?

Classic KDE menu fits the bill since the font integrated well and it is lighting fast.