How Debian snapshot is picked?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask which criteria do you use when choosing a Debian snapshot, on which you base the next Netrunner release?

It’s basically the day we start working on the next Netrunner release.

So basically all bugs that are in the Debian Testing snapshot of that day are carried over to the Netrunner release - correct? Or do you try to do some bug-hunting of your own (like Ubuntu guys do when they release the LTS)? Sorry to ask all these questions, I’m just trying to settle between Netrunner and KDE Neon, now that Maui has an uncertain future (I say uncertain, since we have seen no official statement yet). With Maui I know that the base is quite stable and ironed, since it has already gone through the Ubuntu LTS release cycle, so a lot of bugs from Debian Testing have been fixed by Ubuntu guys. Maui is very stable and works quite flawlessly, upgrades have been a walk in the park as well. With Netrunner Debian, I have to be much more careful at the moment, which is logical, since it’s based on Debian Testing. I don’t say it’s bad, far from that, but I don’t think I can install it on my wife’s laptop, while with Maui she was completely happy. That’s why I’m trying to figure out how to go further, if Maui is discontinued and I have to decide between Netrunner and KDE Neon (currently I probably incline towards Neon with some Maui stuff applied).

That’s a very clear formulation of my own reflexion in this area.

Correct, all the bugs are carried over. We do end up fixing some bugs along the way that we consider are a priority, but due to the huge number of packages and only 2 people in the team, only the high priority stuff gets fixed.

Guys, but then I really don’t understand your decision to scrap Maui instead of Netrunner Debian, if manpower is the main reason. Ubuntu LTS, on which Maui is based, gets tons of bug fixing from Canonical, at least half a year prior to the release, not to mention 5 years of support. And all that on top of what Debian provides. How 2 people can provide the same level of quality on top of a Debian Testing snapshot? From my perspective​ that is a mission impossible. Debian Testing (not mentioning Stable here) is nowhere near the quality of Ubuntu LTS.