How did you find out about Netrunner and why do you stick with it?

I was distro hopping and stumbled upon it by sheer coincidence while I was searching for a desktop friendly OS on

I came back to it, because the content it comes with is perfectly balanced and lately it offers the OS stability I’ve been looking for.

So how did you come to find out about Netrunner?

Same for me - found it on distrowatch. Checked out a couple of reviews and installed it on a spare PC I use for testing stuff. Very impressed with stability and “just works out of the box” for things like my network etc.

Since then I now run Netrunner 13 on my “production” PC and 14 RC on one of my spares. Couldn’t be happier! Just waiting for gold version of RC then I’ll put it on my main machine.

Was checking out distros on distrowatch when I came across it. Checked out the website and installed in on my laptop.
Loved the look and feel of Netrunner and the fact that after updates, I don’t have to download anything else. Everything I would normally start looking for was already installed. That was version 13 and I have been a happy user ever since.

Same here i was distro hopping when i read in an article about Netrunner 4.1. Every release keeps getting better and better. When the rolling version of Netrunner came out I just switched to that :slight_smile:

Like everyone else I was looking for another distro and was looking at options on DistroWatch. I was looking for small distros to dual boot. Linux Min had been acting a bit weird so after installing/uninstalling a few distros Netrunner was outstanding! I still hope to dual boot both Netrunner and Lubuntu.

I first read about Netrunner on reddit in some random thread. It was right about the time I was planning on installing a new distro on my desktop PC at home so I figured why not?

I knew it was going to be debian-based, so the ‘rolling’ version of Netrunner was out. It just didn’t work out for me, I didn’t like Pacman. Mint failed to detect my dual-monitor configuration out of the box, and I really can’t get used to Unity so neither was Ubuntu.

Netrunner simply worked. The interface is reminiscent of Windows (well, other than Win8, which is a good thing :slight_smile: ), it detected my video card and monitors just fine, Playonlinux could run 3D games like Diablo 3 right away, Plex installed and I had a media server for my network in minutes.

I just haven’t had to fiddle with it unless I wanted something specific and non-standard which would have been the case for any distribution. It’s stuff like the standard GUI or video card drivers I really care about a lot out of the gate - if those work I can figure out the rest on my own, but if right after installing I’m on some weird resolution or something major fails to work I’ll move on.

Netrunner hasn’t given me any deal breakers as of yet. So it’s been installed for 6+ months now and counting. Good job guys. :slight_smile:

I found out on distrowatch.
With 3 partitions (swap,/,/home), distro hopping is a cinch.

I red about Netrunner on 2 years ago

I think that Netrunner should has only one version of system - Netrunner Main 64 bit eventually 64 and 32 bit.
It allow to focus on quality of Netrunner.