How do I change the Log-In wallpaper and desktop icon size?

There’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask for while now and thats how do I change the Log-In background and desktop icon size? I’ve tried JPG,PNG and TIFF files I even tried reducing the file size with no luck it always gives me a white background.
What am I doing wrong? :huh:
And I know that in most Ubuntu distros you can change the desktop icon size by right clicking over the icon and choosing change icon size but I don’t see that option in Netrunner.

The login background change should work fine in systemsettings. Is that the one that gives you a white background?

Icon size of desktop icons can be set in systemsettings -> desktop appearance -> icons -> advanced

Yes I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. And and when I try to change icon size under system settings nothing happens right clicking on the desktop and clicking on Netrunner desktop settings>icons and I can scale the size from there I’m able to change the size of my desktop icons but I cant precisely adjust there size and I only what to change the size of one icon.

Ah that is not possible with a normal desktop. You need to create a new application launcher widget that you then can scale like you want to.

I cant find any application launcher widgets like that. And the login background doesn’t work under system settings I even tried this on my laptop in the past and I had the same problem heck it even happens in Virtualbox.

Then it seems to be broken.
As for the application launcher it seems to be hidden from add widgets. So you need to drag and drop the icon onto the desktop for it to appear

Thats disappointing :frowning: I really want to be able to change my login background. And about the application launcher I want to make a scalable custom desktop launcher for Firefox to be launched in Firejail.

You can try editing the sddm.conf in /etc/ yourself to set a different wallpaper. You need root rights for this.

As for the launcher create a custom launcher with the filemanagers right click menu and drag and drop it to the desktop.

Didn’t the Netrunner 14.1 release use KDM?

Upps yeah you are right there is something wrong. I thought I was posting in Netrunner 16 forum :stuck_out_tongue:
We use lightdm in Netrunner 14. So the config should be in /etc/lightdm/