How do I install new applications? Software centre not working?

I have told that you can install new applications from the synaptic software centre. I apear not to have one or I’m looking in the wrong place?

All I have is a thing called Discover. But when I try and install a program lets say like Chromium all I get is the error message The PackageKit daemon has crashed

A PC you cant add new programs to is not a PC, lol :huh:

Hello. Synaptic package manager is in menu-system-synaptic package manager. This little beast works like a charm :slight_smile: or you can install programs through terminal with command

sudo apt-get install your package name

also you can search programs with command

apt-cache search name

good luck!

Thanks I’ve tried the command linr thing but keep getting blocked by password requests, nuts as there is and never was a password when I installed netrummer, dont want password prompts, so command line root blocked. I only have this thing called discover! But it just crashes. I hope this does not mean a reinstall, is there anyway of resetting passwords that were never set in the first place or a way to fix discover?
Thanks for your help

I think you need to have set a password in the installation manager.
So just use that password. If you can’t remember it then I don’t think there is an easy way to restore or set a new one.
It needs single booting the system. See as reference.

The actual command should be passwd username (replacing username with the name of your user account) to set a new password for this user.
Hope that helps

The root account is disabled by default, however in order to install software the current users privileges need to be elevated. There is no way of blocking password prompts when using sudo. The password that sudo is asking for would be yours.

We did not ship Discover on the ISO, nor do we currently support it’s use. If Discover is present on your system without you manually installing it yourself, then it must have been installed as a dependency of another package.

Thanks guys for all your help, I cant get passed the password problem, and discover is all i have for new applications.

Sadly and reluctantly I will do a reinstall, as the present problem means I cant get any updates either.

I want to get the most upto date rolling version of netrunner wht would you reccomend? any links? I suppose for me, being a newbie maybe the most stable bug free version would be the place to start, command line stuff isnt really me at the mo, but i will get there. Thanks again cosmic helpers.

The password you need to use is the one you use to log in, re-installing the system is not going to change this.

Discover is not currently supported as it’s know to have issues with Debian based systems like Netrunner Core and Netrunner Desktop atm, Synaptic and the Mint Updater are the default applications for installing and updating software on these systems.

Thanks moderator. I only have discover, really werid, where do i get the best version of net runner that does not have discover as the main software updater?

We do not ship discover pre-installed on our ISO’s.
The mint update application is installed by default as the software updater on all current Netrunner Products.

Odd issues with programs, seems to be the result of keeping the “/Home” partition when installing over a current linux OS. Programs that were installed on the older OS may show program icons in the new OS, but fail to start because they are not installed by default.

Yes, you would need to delete ~/.config/menus/
Note: The default Netrunner customized version of this file is located under ./etc/skel you can copy if you like.