How do I remove obsolete modules from SystemSettings?

After switching to rolling and upgrading, I noticed several extra modules cluttering the tree-view of System Settings.


I’ve searched for the files mentioned locally and online, but I can’t seem to find anything on how to remove these obsolete modules from System Settings. The offending modules are: Appearance, Workspace, Personalization, Network, System, and Hardware. The last one, Hardware, duplicates a functioning “Hardware” module. Each one reads similar to “The module System is not a valid configuration module. The diagnosis is: The desktop file group-system-administration.desktop does not specify a library.”

How do I reconfigure System Settings to remove these modules?? Where are the .desktop files that are referenced? Where are the library files that the .desktop files should reference?

The customizations to system settings that the Netrunner/Maui team make are not compatible with tree view.
This has been discussed before, those are category modifications your clicking on, and not modules, this is why your getting that error.

Thank you. Icon view it is then.