How do you add more themes in Plymouth?

I have been trying, to no avail, to add more themes to Plymouth, but none of them seen to work. Ive even made my own theme, just to use as a sample, but it does not seem to work. I seem to have 5 installed, but only the default Netrunner theme only works. Before I installed anything I did check out this forum and other googled sites and found some decent information (I also have information that does work for other distrobutions). So what I am looking for is, how do you add themes to Plymouth and how do you make them work for Netrunner..... :huh: Or should I just modify the default theme? By the way I installed a few using Synaptic with no problem, but they still dont seem to work, even if I select one of them…

After changing the theme did you run sudo update-initramfs -u?

Or you can run plymouth-set-default-theme -R this will both change the theme and rebuild initrd.