How stop Firefox from starting on boot and other problems

Hi I’m new to Netrunner and this forum and I would love to have Netrunner as my operating system but I’m having some difficulties such as Firefox starting automatically on boot which I don’t want and open apps don’t show in the systray.

Can someone please explain in detail how I’m supposed to fix this?:huh:

Just remove the preload script from startup under system settings.

Thanks that fixed my Firefox problem.:slight_smile: I was kinda debating with myself about unchecking preloading.

Next I need to find out how to get the system tray to show when programs are open.

Open applications would show in the task manager in the panel, not in the system tray. Only applications that support having an icon in the system tray would show up there, and only if that feature was enabled in the application.

Sorry I think I meant to say panel. I currently using Docky because the panel is not displaying open apps anymore.

You’ll need to add one of the Task Manager widgets to the panel.

Thanks again.:heart::smiley: