How to change color of desktop icon text

Hi, Please help!

Since I like bright colored desktop backgrounds, the white color of the desktop icons is not so very easy to read. So I wonder, if there is a method to change this color. I googled around, but couldn’t find a solution …
Please could you help!!!

thank you


There is none so far. You can try to change the whole plasma theme to see if it changes the color aswell.

This is very simple to do under Plasma 5.

Go to System Settings > Color > Colors tab, now scroll down to select what text you want to change the color of, click on the color to the right of it and change it, when your done click apply.

Hello AJSlye!

Thank you for the rapid answer. I tried this, but could not find the line for icon text color. Maybe you can help me with this and make me very haaappppyyyy!

thanks in advance


I don’t like to have icons on my desktop but I will add one to see how or if it can be done. :wink:
OK, after checking I was told by a Plasma Developer that these are set by the desktop theme itself, you would need to choose a desktop theme that uses a dark text color for icons: System Settings > Workspace Theme > Desktop Theme

Thank you so much for your efforts! I had tried this already, but didn’t find any theme I would like, soooo…

best wishes