How to close yellow stickies on desktop?

Hello, this is my first post here.

I’m a longtime Windows user who is dissatisfied with the direction Microsoft is taking with that OS, and as a result I’ve been looking into making the switch to Linux sooner or later.

I had Netrunner 16 installed on a test PC, where it multiboots with Windows XP and Vista. To test the process of upgrading to a new version of Netrunner, I followed the script given here. I was careful to make sure that I typed exactly what it says there.

Eventually I reached the new desktop. The default wallpaper didn’t appeal to me, so I tried to look for a way to change it. I read somewhere that you could right-click on the desktop, but that didn’t show me any way to change the wallpaper. At some point, by mistake I middle-clicked on the desktop with the mouse, and I got a blank yellow sticky note.

Unfortunately, there is no self-evident way to delete this yellow sticky. In Windows 7, the stickies feature a little “x” on the upper right that appears when you hover the mouse pointer over the note’s “title” bar, and then you can click on that “x” to close the note. However, I haven’t seen anything like that in Netrunner. I tried right-clicking on the note, but none of the choices offers to close the note.

In my Web search on this issue, I found a reference somewhere to right-clicking on the cashew at the right end of the taskbar. But I don’t have cashew there, only a wrench. And clicking on that doesn’t offer any evident way to close the yellow stickies.

Yes, I used the plural there because, in my various attempts to get rid of the thing, I have now ended up with three yellow stickies around the screen. I can type inside them, but I can’t move the stickies – let alone make them go away, whcih is what I really want to do.

PLEASE HELP! I would like to close these things but without precluding the ability to open and use yellow stickies in the future.

My Netrunner system is as up to date as I can tell it could be. After running into this problem, even though Netrunner 17 was installed via Netrunner 16 only yesterday I made sure to check for and install all available updates, then I rebooted. But the problem with the yellow stickies persists. Opening the “Discover” tool says there are no more updates.

To make matters worse, as I was writing this post the window buttons on Firefox disappeared and the FF Library window popped up smack in the middle of the screen, in front of what I was typing, with no way to close it or move it. (The window buttons did exist at first, it’s only the yellow stickies that never had a Close button for me.)

It’s not an auspicious start for someone considering making the switch to Linux, but I’m willing to keep trying. What can I do from this point to get those stickies to go away???

Thanks in advance for any help you might offer.

By default the menu bar to move, resize or close/remove appears when you click and hold on a widget of the desktop.

Just tried what you said – and it worked!!

Thank you very much!

Welcome, I hope you will hang in there.
I find that KDE (Netrunner’s desktop environment) changes so much, that the documentation you can find by web search is often OBE. I’m “just a user” and that is one of the more frustrating things about KDE, but it is better than stagnation. …keep that in mind and go with the flow and enjoy KDE!


Thanks for the welcome and for the advice. I’ll try to hang in there!

This is the nicest-looking Linux desktop I’ve come across. I don’t have a lot of experience with Linux, but from what little I’ve seen, other desktops tend to have what I can only describe as a “coarse” or “grainy” look, much less refined than what Vista and Windows 7 have. KDE looks sharp. I’m at my PC for 10-12 hours a day, so it’s important to me to have something pleasant to look at.