How to "get involved"?

Of course, one could help other users on this forum, or donate some money.
But I want to know what are other ways to get involved and support Netrunner. For example, are there any translation/localisation teams? How and where are the bugs reported? And where’s the project’s source code - is it on github, launchpad or somewhere else?

I think some information should be added to the web-site too. Right now, the About section doesn’t really give enough info to users.

No answer? :-/

Our sourcecode for packages can be found on github.

Bugs can be reported there as issues but mainly we use bugs reported in this forum.

I agree updating the About page to include a “Get Involved” section would be helpful.

And sorry for the late answer. (different timezones I suppose)

Just as a reminder, you can also help out by supporting the upstream projects as well (Kubuntu, Manjaro, KDE, etc.).

Thank you both :slight_smile: