How to install netrunner-desktop-1703-64bit.iso on USB with persistent storage ?

How to install netrunner-desktop-1703-64bit.iso on USB with persistent storage ?

I used universal USB installer in my 16GB pen drive and made a bootable USB flash drive .

In UUI section ,there is a casper-rw file (4 GB) in /lib/live/mount/medium folder but i cant open or

copy it …

I am very new in Linux , please help me to make my flash drive persistent…

You need to rename the casper-rw to live-rw as netrunner is based on debian and not ubuntu
(Ubuntu uses casper-rw file to store persistency and Debian live-rw)
This file should be on the usb stick. You need to also use the bootparameter persistent in order to activate the persistency file.
Hope that helps

how to rename it ? there is no option to rename it …

It should be a file on the usb stick so you can use any existing operating system to rename the file on the usb stick

yes , renamed it using window 10 .

“You need to also use the bootparameter persistent in order to activate the persistency file”

how to do it ? please help…

If you don’t have EFI on your system syslinux or isolinux bootloader should be used and you can press tab on the boot screen when initially trying to boot from live usb.
Then you get a bootparameter prompt where you can simply add this option to the end.

You you boot up with EFI you most likey have grub as bootloader for the Live USB. Here you need to press e on the Live Boot entry to edit it.
In the texteditor add this option to the end of the linux line

after pressing Tab i got bootparameter prompt and added the word persistent to the end.
then press enter , added some new item in desk top and reboot again , all new item deleted ,
so its not happening , may be my inputs are wrong , A video tutorial may be helpful .

Did you entered persistent the second time you booted up?
Otherwise it will not pickup the file.

yes , i did …but…again no persistent feature.

Can you give me a file listing from your usb live stick.
The live-rw file needs to be in the /live directory of the usb stick I guess.


live-rw fle was actually casper-rw , i changed it after your direction…

live-rw needs to be in the live/ folder to be recognized. Move it there and it should work with the persistent boot option.

moved the file live-rw to the live folder ,
and boot my pc in “start netrunner desktop live (amd64)”
pressed tab , added the word persistence and enter .
a new screen came , and pc became stand still .
so i cut my power switch , and boot again win window 10.

Ah so a little progress.
It tries to mount that file but fails.
I guess there is no filesystem on this file.

Easiest thing would be booting an existing linux system and format the live-rw file with a valid filesystem like ext4.

You can do that with the command

sudo mkfs.ext4 /media/<path/to/YOURUSBSTICK/>/live/live-rw

Replace the placeholder <path/to/YOURUSBSTICK/> with the actual path to the usb drive.
Example for my Maui Live Stick it would be /media/leszek/MyMauiLive/
You can see the correct file path if the usb stick is mounted in the file manager.

is it possible on NR-rolling too ?

I don’t think so. It requires the live-initramfs/live-config/casper init scripts that aren’t available for Netrunner Rolling/Manjaro/Arch


but at least one can format the extra space on the thumbdrive to use it in a HDD installation.
within a live boot that partn cannot be accessed easily - if at all - though.

It’s poss in MX tho, so maybe there is a trick to access the 3., new, partition on thumbdrive.