How to pin commands with arguments to task manager for one Activity only


I have a setup, where I use Activities for my different working environments.
The desktop of each shows the folder where I am working in.
I want to add a way to quickly access git in that folder.

  1. Is there a way to add “open command line here” to the right click on the desktop.

  2. I’ve added a new application which opens konsole with a certain profile. But I cannot pin it to the task manager.
    Is there any way to pin a something that runs 'konsole --profile ’ to an Activities task manager bar ?

you can create a shortcut in a folder that calls konsole --profile and add this to the panel as icon if you wish.

No I can’t.
Such shortcuts can only be pinned globally across all Activities. There is none of the usual right click options to select which activities it is on.

That is true. The panel shortcuts are shown on all activities.
So maybe you can add the shortcut to the desktop which is different for every activity.

This is the regular konsole commandline:

When I run it it can be pinned. Also I can pin it from the launcher and afterwards edit it to only be pinned to one activity.

This is my modified konsole
I can pin it to all activities via dragging or the launcher menu.
And when I run it, it open a whole new window and thats why it is unpinnable to a specific Activity.

I don’t wanna mess with my project folders, so I think I’ll try solving it through a widget.
Thanks for your replies