how to restore Netrunner grub after ye ole Ubuntu update grub smack...

Hey guys,
I have a quintuple boot system for testing. My primary OS is still 2014.04 (stable as hell… if it ain’t broke, ya know)

every time one of the (xyz)buntu flavors has an update it uglifies the grub boot menu. I want to put the Netrunner visage back exactly as it was just after installing Netrunner. Everything boots/works as it should but I just want the Netrunner grub/logo back.

Do I need to follow this Manjaro procedure while substituting the Netrunner 2014.04 live cd instead?

Or is there a shorcut to probe/reinstall grub if the system is already booting normally?


OK well first of all, even If you installed using the Netrunner Rolling 2014.04 ISO and as long as you keep your system updated, then you are essentially now running a post 2014.09.1 system, hence the name Rolling.

Anyway, no at the moment you can NOT use any of the Netrunner Rolling ISO’s or even a Manjaro ISO older than 0.8.12, especially if you have updated your installed system. Manjaro needs a patched version of grub to load the Intel microcode for their kernels, this is why Ubuntu messed up grub in the first place. I would recommend downloading a Manjaro testbuild ISO for this.

You can download these from Manjaro here:
For 0.8.12 RC1 ISO’s:
For 0.9.0-pre1 ISO’s:

Thanks Aj,

Actually, I haven’t upgraded except for the first update immediately after install. This is the best OS I’ve ever used, bar none. I had such a rough time with Manjaro on this machine that I didn’t want to mess with it once I got everything set up. In a couple of months (whenever) I’ll clean install the latest version on one of these no longer needed 'buntu partitions and migrate that way still keeping this one as is until after the new one is up and running.

So, unless that immediate update (whatever was available in May of 2014) changed the grub system, the 2014.04 live install CD should contain the OS prober/grub installer that goes with this installation.

At any rate, if it’s going to be a major hassle, I can clean it up a bit with grub-customizer. I just really wanted to put it back to the cool netrunner grub screen.

OK in that case then yes you should be fine using that live disk.

However not updating for that long leaves out a lot of security fixes, especially the major ones like Shellshock, etc.