How to show keyboard-layout icon in system tray?

Currently, keyboard layout option is visible under ‘Status & Notifications’, but I would look to have it directly in the system tray.
Is this possible? I couldn’t find a way to do it.

You could either make a custom icon launcher, or go into the systemtray settings and change it’s entry to show from auto.

Yeah you need to activate that tray icon in input device under the layout options of your keyboard settings.

I activated the ‘Show layout indicator’ option but still no indicator appears in tray.

You miss the systemtray widget in the panel. Maybe you removed it by accident. Try to add it by pressing the far right hamburger menu button of the panel.

As AJSlye already proposed, you can change it in the systemtray settings. Rightclick on the tray, open the tray settings, click on Entries on the left and change the drop down menu in the Visibility column to “Shown” for all the elements you want to see in the tray without opening “Status & Notifications”.