How to upgrade Windows partition while leaving Linux paritions and GRUB intact?

I currently have my system setup as dual boot with GRUB2 bootloader.

I have my boot disk setup with EFI partition table, and the following partitions:

1 System EFI Partition FAT32
2 “Reserved” Partition ~100 MB to keep Microsoft happy
3 Primary Windows 8.1 NTFS
4 Netrunner Rolling ext4
5 Linux SWAP

GRUB and Windows boot manager are on the EFI partition.

I want to do a clean install of Windows 10 to Partition 3. No need to resize any partitions as far as I’m concerned; I’m happy with the current space allocations.

But I think when I try to do that, multiple complications are going to occur. I believe Windows will: 1) sub divide the current Partition 3 into its own System Reserved Partition and Primary Partition where it actually installs Windows 10, 2) wipe out GRUB from the EFI partition, and 3) it may even convert to an MBR disk. I’m not certain about all of those, but I fear one or more of them are true.

That being the case, what is the best way for me install Windows 10 and restore my system to its current dual boot status?

I have made an image file backup of the entire drive, so I feel I can at least revert to my current situation should all go wrong.

Thanks for any advice.