How to use Network Drives

Is there a guide somewhere o n how to use this? I am trying to connect a Mac to this machine. I have set up file sharing under the Mac. The Mac gives me a smb: ip address to use. On the Netrunner machine, in Network drives, I put that IP in the line Samba Share. It says you must select a folder. When I hit the folder icon, I get a window with Please enter authentication informaton - username and password. Whose user and password info is this asking for? My Netrunner login? The Mac’s? Nothing ever works.

Secured samba shares do not work at this point with samba-mounter, you would need to use the “Add Network Folder” option under the “Network” link in the sidepanel of dolphin.
The user and password are the ones from your macs user.
For fstab mount maybe this helps:

I set-up file sharing on the Mac. In add network folder i successfully found the folder on the Mac and added it. It shows up next too “add network drive.” BUT It has nothing in it. It created an empty folder.

If this does not work for you please open dolphin and open up networks from the left panel side and try to add your shares there.