How to use USB port only for power ?

How can I use USB port only for power and no data transfer on it as now a days monitor comes with power supply through usb?
As per what i know the 2 small ones in the usb is used for data transfer

Couldn’t you just buy a USB power cable for you brand of monitor?

I dint get you what you mean are you talking about the charget adapter ?
Well i have the cable but that could be plugged in usb of teh tower so just want the usb ports for power and no data transfer.
Monitor has 2 cables one USB and second one vga cable

USB ports by nature on the computer have both power and data.
It seems that I’m not understanding what your trying to accomplish?

Well m8 I need to block usb at client side for any data transfer but
the above monitor is powered by usb so i need a bit of idea how i can only use usb port as for power and no data transfer ?

I’m not sure exactly what your trying to accomplish. If your trying to get, or make a cable that only has power and no data then then this may be helpful:{47}-3.0-Connectors-%26-Pinouts.html

I have the cable but in cpu there are lots of port so all ports what i want is to only give power from usb no data transfer on it hope now what i mean is clear still if not clear i am ready to explain you deeply

If you mean that you have a desktop PC and NOT a laptop, then on the mainboard (motherboard) there should be pins that can be connected to on of the ports on the tower (case), you would then just need the pinout of this connection (pins) on the mainboard. Next you would leave out the pins you don’t want running to the connector and only use the ones you do. Just make sure to mark or remember which connection it was on the case you used for this. May I ask what is the brand and model of the mainboard you have?

Well it is a tower mother board is some gigabyte i dont know the exact model number so on mb there are lots of usb port and I have monitor that i have given link below that can be pluged and powered through usb so no matter some one places in whcih ever usb port it should only transfer power no data transfered allowed on the client side How this can be done if you got any idea m8 from os or or some way ?
hope my point is clear if still dint get it then plz let me know

this is the monitor using usb power

There is no way of doing this in software. You would need to modify the connector attached to the motherboard that leads to that usb port by removing the data wires from it and leaving only the power wires.

alright fine thank you i thougth might be some script or something anyway ty again aj

Sometimes you can find thin USB-USB-micro cables coming with some small gadgets. For example, bluetooth headsets. Those cables are only able to transfer electicity, but not data.
But if you want to solve the issue on the port side, you’ll definitely have to rip out all the data transfer channels. :frowning: