How update to firefox 30?

I do not yet know very well the rolling distro. I wonder why there is not yet in a rolling the upgrade to Firefox 30? How can update Firefox?

Same here, I downloaded the tar file but I don’t know how to install it. Newb here.

We just need to be patient and give both the Manjaro & the Netrunner developers time to test and verify things are stable. Firefox 30 is currently in Manjaro testing and will move to stable with the next set of updates, at that point it will be up to the Netrunner developers to update their firefox-kde package. Manjaro update-packs usually get released weekly but can take longer depending on bugs and stability of core system packages.

if you really need Firefox 30 now it is available in the AUR:
yaourt -S firefox-kde-opensuse

Just a short reminder. Rolling release does not mean always bleeding edge.
We need some time testing and consideration of new/updated software that we add to our repository.
In case of firefox 30 a library was missing (should be there I guess as manjaro now includes ff30) and we had concerns about people complainging about disabled flashplayer as ff30 disables most NPAPI plugins.

This is the first time I use a rolling, I did not know this. In any case, today has been all updated. Thanks

Yes, firefox-kde has now been updated in the blueshell repository. also jre7-openjdk* has been updated today in the extra repository.