HP Deskjet 3510

Hello, I need the newer version of hplip that is available from the hp website to make this printer function. On HP’s site there are downloads available for a few distros, ubuntu being one of them, but nothing for Kubuntu or Netrunner for that matter. I do know that the driver installs correctly into Ubuntu but am unsure how to go about this for Netrunner. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas, or have installed the HP rpm here.

Hi mikej,
did you try the Ubuntu one with Netrunner?

Hiya, I haven’t yet give it a shot, but will shortly. I just didn’t want to jump into that without being sure first in case it borked my install :). I will give it a try though and report back.

I downloaded the install file for Ubuntu from HP and attempted to run it as per instructions for the Ubuntu distro.
Receive an error message in the terminal “warning: netrunner distro is not found in AUTH_TYPES”.
I’m assuming there are some differences in the packaging.
This however was using the automated installer, which will check system, dependencies, remove old version and install new version, then run hp-setup.
There is a tarball that can be downloaded for a manual installation, but I’m not that savvy as to what effect that may have on my system if it’s untested or tried. I tend to shy away from “the outside the repo” thing if I can help it.

Since Netrunner is pretty much customized Kubuntu, someone in the Kubuntu Forums know about HP setup: