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HPLIP Installation Wizard

For my printer HP LaserJet Pro MFP m125a, I need to install via hplipopensource website, which has worked fine with other distros. With Netrunner core 17.01, which Debian version to select?

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I have tried version 8.0 and 8.7 but both gives dependency errors.


You can install the hplip package from the debian archives which should have the right dependencies sorted out already.

The archive is 3.16. It requires 3.17… causes dependency errors.

You could try installing the 3.17 package from the experimental repositories. See this

Thx, the install went smoothly. I will not be able to test my printer until 4th June. But I think it will work.

For my information, do I need to close the “deb experimental main” in /etc/apt/sources.list. I don’t want other packages to upgrade from experimental rep.

Yes you can outcomment or disable the experimental repo if you don’t need other packages from it.

Experimental packages do not get installed automatically. Apt prefers packages from the testing and netrunner repos and will only install packages from experimental if you really need them. So you can simply leave the line as is.

I replaced a new hdd an did a fresh 17.01 install. For the printer, it seems the “experimental main” does no longer exist. I did it manually by downloding from sid repo as well as the dependency packages.

For next time, is there better way of doing by adding a link in sources.list?