I just love Netrunner 14

My title says it all. I am new to KDE and tested all of the major KDE distros before deciding on my final installation. Beside the very nicely put together theme, Netrunner was the only KDE distro to get my sound and keyboard sound controls correct on installation.

Great job!!

I installed after doing a live test and being able to drag-and-drop output streams to my output devices from the panel applet. Whether that’s a regular function of KDE or not, the prospect of it being on a Manjaro-based/Arch-based system (pacman) is what sold me.

Definitely agree!

I just want to add my two cents here. I’m not new to Linux but am new to KDE. When I decided to move away from my former distro, I looked at several KDE based distros. Netrunner easily won, beating out the others. I’m still new to KDE and learning how to use it but I really like that it’s highly configurable while remaining user friendly.
Also, I must say the folks behind Netrunner are nice and very helpful. I’m hoping to contribute where and when I can.