I will never use another netrunner based distro ever again (rant)

[size=small]So what I am going to say is probably going to get me banned and have my topic erased because heaven forbid you criticize a distro and its development team on its own forum but I dont care anymore.[/size]

[size=small]Its time for this madness to stop.[/size]

[size=small]Okay so I started off with netrunner based on Kubuntu and i thought to myself “hey not a bad distro!” it was Kubuntu done right and had a lot odf nice tools into it.[/size]
[size=small]But then SURPRISE! Netrunner Kubuntu is being replaced by Maui[/size]

[size=small]So I tried Netrunner rolling[/size]

[size=small]SURPRISE! It stopped being developed [/size]

[size=small]I try Nurunner… it goes nowhere[/size]

[size=small]I try Maui [/size]

[size=small]I like it and then[/size]


[size=small]Oh snap this schizophrenic development team changed its mind again kills off Maui and wants us to use netrunner again but this time based on debain so no PPA’s.[/size]

[size=small]THIS IS BULLSHIT![/size]

[size=small]STOP FOR THE LOVE OF PETE STOP![/size]

[size=small]This is tiresome, it is annoying, its development team has no idea what the fuck its doing anymore, things are changed with no warning or reason… Its time to say goodbye to this team of confused madmen and their growing case of distro changing madness.[/size]

[size=small]No more[/size]

[size=small]I am done[/size]

[size=small]I am done with Stabuck[/size]

[size=small]I am done with leszek[/size]

[size=small]I am done with this development team[/size]

[size=small]I am just going to stick with a distro like Manjaro or Mint where sanity seems to be a whole lot more common.[/size]

The frustration TheMadOne feels is obviously real and born out of the perceived lack of planning/results by the Netrunner group. TheMadOne detailed clearly why they feel the way they do and I cannot say that I have not experienced the same frustrations.

However, for those still looking for an alternative that works for them in the GNU/Linux world, I submit that Netrunner Rolling is the best alternative for a quality product that is relatively stable (compared to others), offers the most recent repository and has the structure to remain intact, albeit the many changes along the way.

Through all my searches I have settled on Netrunner Rolling for the following reasons:

  1. Solid technological foundation (Arch/Manjaro)
    – Ultimately Arch, but with the help of Manjaro’s lead in helping to push the performance standard beyond Debian/Ubuntu and other alternatives for a positive end user experience
    – For lack of a better analogy, I liken Netrunner Rolling to Arch/Manjaro as Linux Mint to Debian/Ubuntu

  2. End-user focused
    – Netrunner Rolling advances the concept of what a true distribution should be
    – A lot of people bundle technology together to form a product (most distributions)
    – Few take it to the lengths required by end users (very short list)

  3. Reasonable level of patience coupled with sound decision-making
    – Netrunner Rolling is positioned somewhere between stable and bleeding edge
    – It is a work in progress but I see their attempts to forge a new standard

  4. Some degree of higher-level backing (Blue Systems)
    – This can be considered a negative but I view it as a positive
    – Blue Systems has a vision but they are caught in the inertia that is Debian/Ubuntu while attempting to set a new standard for the end user
    – This affords them the ability to try approaches, fail and still survive to correct as necessary to further their vision

  5. Not too big…yet–they still listen to the end user
    – Similar to point number one but more specific
    – Starbuck, Leszek and AJSlye produce final products that serve the end user
    – They temper the process to be focused on productivity and enjoyment–not just technology for the sake of technology

LinuxMint has dropped KDE. Maui appears to be reducing their support (still awaiting official announcement). I view this as the Debian/Ubuntu ecosystem no longer able to sufficiently meet the demands of the end user while still retaining the greatest level of autonomy for the end user to make decisions at the application level.

I believe Netrunner Rolling understands all of this but is “swimming upstream” against the inertia of Debian/Ubuntu and the stream of over-reaching distributions that are more Apple/Macintosh like than the KDE vision we all have come to appreciate. The process is difficult and I hope they have the means to withstand the changes and see their vision to a more consistent and productive reality.

The concerns are real. I just have not experienced a better alternative, all things considered, than Netrunner Rolling. Each time I look to see what else is available I always return. No other distribution does better at what I am looking for, including Manjaro, than Netrunner Rolling. Therefore, despite frustration, I stick with Netrunner Rolling.

We need all input as it informs us all to make better decisions. Hopefully, Netrunner Rolling will “hear” TheMadOne and use it to further their discussion and decision-making within Blue Systems/Netrunner. The general end-user needs a champion like Blue Systems/Netrunner which understands the changing paradigm that is going further away from user control.

For all these reasons and more I have settled on Netrunner Rolling as the “survivor” of this paradigm shift from Debian/Ubuntu to some other paradigm which better serves the end user. I know I do not have the knowledge to assist in the technical realm and therefore must rely heavily on the ones doing their best to make GNU/Linux a viable alternative to MS Windows, Apple Macintosh and others.

Thank you, Netrunner, for continuing to work through this difficult process.


The problem is that Netrunner Rolling has also been given the boot once in the past already :slight_smile: so its future is far from being safe. And that is a kind of thing that stops me from picking it as my daily driver. They can sack it again at any time…

Indeed, forget about it.
Wait for Kubuntu 18.04 or something if you want KDE or go manjaro

I wouldn’t go with Manjaro if you are trying to use it on a Desktop. I wouldn’t use the rolling, either. On my Lenovo system they both hang completely at different stages of the boot up…

Today it was at “Started network time service.” Completely hung.

Now I am using the latest Debian based Netrunner and everything seems great :heart:

I thought Netrunner14 was brilliant , worked really well and looked great ,it was the sort of OS you could happily advise a windows user to try.
I’ve been looking at the recent releases (2018) and i’m not sure what to download to try out.
It seems Kubuntu has gone ,which is a shame.

Can anyone one advise me on the best version to go with ?
There seems to be multiple versions so i’m not too sure.
Any of them stable and as good as Netrunner 14 was ?

I noticed Debian was mentioned in the comment above which makes sense as it’s usually a stable base.
Trying to avoid anything that is a resource hog.