I wonder how different is Netrunner with Kubuntu?

Hi there,

Recentely i started using OpenSuse and like it very much.
Then i also installed Netrunner 14 on another computer. And i like it also very much.
I like its all included approach and the somewhat longer support cycle.
So i want install also some Linux that i like on some other computer. But im yet deciding what i want on it.
I was reading an article about best KDE distros of 2013 and the guy mentions there that LTS Kubuntu with enabled repo for (KDE)Backports is awesome.
So i was wondering. Except for the all included stuff in iso. How different are for example the repos of Netrunner?
Are there any backports that are added? Or is it mainly just a mirror of Kubuntu repos?
Any other Details that are interesting/worth mentioning?

Thanks in advance,

Somehow i dont really like Mint at all. And i do really like the different Netrunner artwork.

Netrunner 14 (Debian/Ubuntu) is Identical to Kubuntu with one added repository for Netrunner specific utilities and settings, so yes the KDE backports repository as well.

Netrunner Rolling (Arch/Manjaro) is Identical to Manjaro KDE edition with one added repository for Netrunner specific utilities and settings. This edition being a rolling distribution there is no need for any backports repositories because everything is updated as soon as they are considered to be stable.