ICON Arrangement Problem

I just installed 14.2 because I heard others having success with this OS.

Now that I have started to customize it the way I like… I like the icons to be left aligned in a column. So I set it this way by right-clicking the desktop, then selecting Netrunner Desktop (the last selection in the list) and then selecting Icons on the left column of this window. I even verified that I had it correct.

But the icons will NOT align left in a column. They are remaining left aligned in a row at the top of the desktop. HOW do I get them to align in a column??

In the right click context menu you should have a submenu called icons with an arrange in menu entry to arrange icons in columns or rows.
Though for it take effect you need to sort the icons. By default they aren’t sorted which means they can be freely placed anywhere.
So either position them manually or use some of the sorting methods in the icons menu.