Icon-only taskbar barely usable due to missing indicators (SOLVED)


It seems Netrunner has adopted a single indicator scheme for its taskbars, so that only the active window is marked by an indicator (see screenshot).
While this works perfectly well for the traditional and the expanding taskbar, it’s a severe drawback for the Icon-only taskbar, as one cannot tell which applications are running.
This is especially unfortunate for people preferring to run apps full screen and can easily lead to one powering off the computer while certain apps are still running.
So the expected behaviour would be to indicate running apps as well as the active app.


It might be a Plasma Theme thing. Can you confirm with another theme aswell ? Testing here Breeze Dark shows me all active windows also in icons only taskmanager and indicates them with a border around the icon.
Btw. do you use the icons only taskmanager or the expanded icons taskmanager ? (by default we use the latter one)

Yupp, can confirm it’s a Theming thing. Works with Breeze Dark, after then switching back to Breeze light this works as well (I think I had a customized Breeze light theme running before). However, Netrunner and Netrunner Blue X themes don’t work.
I’m running the Icon-only taskmanager.


Thanks for the report Gyges. After looking into this, I’ve found that It’s actually the Blue X and Enlightenment Desktop Themes these that do not make use of that highlighting feature.

My pleasure! Glad it’s just a theming issue :slight_smile:
So I guess the suggested solution is to switch themes and wait for the fixes to come in.
I would mark this thread as solved myself, but it seems one of the moderators has to do it.

Just add (SOLVED) to the beginning or end of the original threads tittle.

As far as tor those particular desktop themes, I believe single indicator was the intended behaviour.