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Icon theme "nuoveXT.2.2

Good morning to everyone. I am new to Netrunner, but I like it very much. It is the best distro around today. I have tried to install the icon theme that PcLinuxOS uses which is called "nuoveXT.2.2 - I like this theme and I would like to be able to installing it in Netrunner. Can anyone telling me how to do it?

Many thanks.

Download it and extract the main folder to your home directories hidden .icons directory (needs creation if it isn’t there)

Thanks, I deed it as you suggested, but for un uknown reason only the Network icon change to the new theme, all the rest remain unaffected. Thank you once more.

I Don’t know if it’s available from the Ubuntu repositories or a PPA or not, I know it’s available for arch via the AUR.

Thank you very much for all your help and concern, very kind of you.

Since this iconset is not maintained currently, someone at AUR setup a 2.2.2 version, but all links seem dead:

I could find this file for KDE, but it seems rather old and unlikely to work in KDE4.13:

One other idea: Run PCLinuxOS in a VM and copy the iconset from there to Netrunner :slight_smile: