Icons on vertical panel are too big

Hi all. I tried to put my panel on the left side to save some vertical space, but it’s almost unusable because the systray, volume, notifications… icons are huge! they almost take half of the panel. If I put a spacer in between them and the Icon-only task manager, the task icons can get smaller but the bottom icons stay huge.
I also have Fedora 23 KDE installed and when I moved the panel to the left, all icons at the bottom shrank automatically and they use very small space. I tried to copy some “Layout.js” files from the Fedora system (in /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/…) to Netrunner and the systray icons became smaller, but still too big compared to Fedora’s. And Volume, Notification icons are still huge.
What can I do?

Post Picture and more info about Theme & Icon set used?
As don’t know what you mean by huge?

Thanks for taking the time to read. Here are 2 snapshot, from Netrunner & Korora


The theme is Netrunner Blue X, and the icons Moka/Faba, but the result is the same with default breeze icons.

The volume control and the notification icons are just widgets added to the panel. So you can remove them, an then re-add them through right click on system tray and choose settings, then on General, choose the Notifications and the audio volume entries.

Thank you, that did the trick! I removed Audio, Notifications and Systray widgets. Then I just added one systray and all three where back with the right size :smiley:

Great, glad to read that.