Icons under panel when panel is on top

Hey there folks!

I’ve walked through few distros after instability issues (caused by me) in Netrunner - Manjaro, Mint, Kubuntu, still got back to good old Netrunner. It still seems to me much more stable than the others (Mint was freezing with VBox, Manjaro got screwed up with languages, Kubuntu its beautiful, but somewhat resources intensive and less stable).

Anyway, my question is, observe the attached file. I have KDE panel on top and the problem is icons are shown under it, instead of being margined from top a bit, to display correctly. Any clues on how to fix it? (Googled it, but it getting something completely different)



These should drop down automatically, if they are not then look under folder settings > icons, and make sure “keep in place” is not selected.

Are you using folder view or desktop view?
I believe Desktop view, since its’ Netrunner’s default. Hence, there is Netrunner Desktop settings, not folder settings, and no “keep in place” option. :s

Netrunner Desktop is just Folder view renamed. The drop down on Netrunner 16 (Plasma 5.1) should have Netrunner Desktop and Desktop listed. Anyway this setting is in the screenshot I have attached.

Exactly, I have something similar. (Although never had Plasma colors scheme and title differs somethat) . Where is “keep in place” here?

Ooops, “lock in place” not “keep in place”, however according to you screen shot that’s not the problem.
Try changing the setting unsorted to by name.

But really, you couldn’t figure that out. LOL J/K. :smiley:

Yes, I just set lock in place and sorted by name. Apply. Sorted by name, still icons are under panel. Any further ideas? :angel:

Nope, I think you may have found a bug in Kubuntu or Netrunners implementation.
Mine works as expected, but then again I’m running Manjaro KDE on my main system and Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 pre-releases on my test machines.

I do believe Netrunner, because I have parallel Kubuntu installation and it works as expected there too.

Tried Manjaro - seemed too unstable for me. Haven’t tried Netrunner Rolling yet.

Generally, I catched myself on a thought that I’m running lots of Linux distros and switching between them. MS user is dying in me)))

Yea, the MS user died in me during the Windows 98 era. LOL.

I started using OS2 Warp as my personal OS in 93, and FreeBSD as my server OS around the same time frame. I then started playing with Linux around 96-97 with 11 slackware floppies I got out of a magazine, I’ve been using Linux as my primary OS since around 2001.

That’s great! Old-school, huh? :rolleyes:

I actually tried my first linices and unices around end of 90’s beginning of 2000’s (Minix, Interactive Linux, RedHat, Mandrake, Slackware - this one was always my favourite). Biggest issues there were desktop stability and very hard (for me) to configure PPP/modem connection. So, for hosting I was always on Linux (Debian, CentOS), for dark tasks also Linux (BT, Fedora, Slax) and desktop fulltime use came to me this year only.

Problems that stopped me from it are regular to ex-MS users: corrupted desktop because of some silly mistake, tearing in video, hiss in audio, no fonts nor way to use Office formatting for documents, absence of Photoshop (GIMP is different). Now, most of these issues are gone, although still some reappear out of thing air time to time.