Image Preview and Scrollbar Problem in Netrunner desktop

Hi. Couple of apparent Netrunner Desktop bugs on the release version of Netrunner 14

First is cover art previews not showing on mp3 files. I can reproduce it like this:

  1. Install kde-thumbnailer-audiothumbs
  2. Configure Netrunner Desktop so that it shows my home folder.
  3. Enable audio previews in Netrunner Desktop config, also in Dolphin.
  4. Copy some mp3s plus some sub-folders containing mp3s into /home/me/Music.
  5. Hover the cursor on the home/me/Music folder icon on Netrunner Desktop, so that the folder contents pop up.
  6. /home/me/Music/some-track.mp3 will be previewed correctly.
  7. In the pop-up, then hover the cursor on /home/me/Music/some-album so that the folder contents pop up.
  8. /home/me/Music/some-album/some-track.mp3 will not ever be previewed in the pop-up.
  9. When I view the same folders with Dolphin, previews work fine.

Second is scroll bars not appearing on Netrunner Desktop. Again, it’s reproducable.

  1. Copy some files into the Desktop folder, enough that there are too many icons to fit on Netrunner Desktop display.
  2. Everything works when icons are arranged in rows - vertical scrollbar appears so you can get at all icons.
  3. Now display icons by columns. They overflow the screen and become inaccessible because no horizontal scrollbar displays.

Just like to add that Netrunner is great and has rapidly become my distro of choice. Thanks for all the hard work you people have done. Especially nice to see KDE getting so much attention!

Hi schooner,
thanks for using Netrunner!

Regarding the scrollbar problem:
Can you test if it is the same missing scrollbar for “Folder” desktop containment instead of “Netrunner” desktop containment?
Those are basically the same origin, but Netrunner adjusted some things to simplify appearance… so this is to find out about the bug being upstream or not.

I had a quick look at this, and the bug isn’t specific to the Netrunner Desktop containment, it’s coming upstream from the Folder containment.

It’s possible that this is simply not implemented, since it’s non-trivial to do right (the scrollbar would need to be horizontal and avoid going underneath the panel) rather than a simple bug.

Edit: Indeed looks like the upstream code currently has no consideration for horizontal scrollbars.

I also tested this and found the problem is identical in Folder View. Perhaps if the horizontal scroll is not implemented there should be no option to arrange icons in columns?

The lack of preview on mp3 files i referred to above also happens identically in Folder View.

(One good news btw: The scrollbar problem is fixed in the Plasma 5 version of Folder View.)