Imagem Avatar (User)

I’m using version netrunner 17 and to insert an image into more than one User images are not displayed correctly .
Any tips ?

What’s the exact problem? If I understood correctly you want to change the avatar for your user. Does this work or not?
Does it only work for one user?

if I add more than one User does not work. the avatar does not match the User

How exactly did you change the avatar?

One important thing. If you have different users and use the user management in systemsettings it will only affect the currently logged in user (no matter which users avatar you set).
So please log in to the user you want to change the avatar and change it there.
Or the easiest way to change an avatar for a user is to add the avatar image (either jpg or png) to the users home folder and call it .face (its a hidden file so the . is important.

it worked!!
thank you Leszek

Btw. I created a bug report as this bug wasn’t listed already.
I also tried patching this for Netrunner though my solution has a big limitation. So it seems not to be easy solveable in the near future.
Just a a reference here the link: