[impossible]Installation of two Linux Distro's side by side

I am using a Debian Buster Gnome edition (Voyager) installed via Calamares with LUKS/ext4 encrypted partitions /root, /home, SWAP using all the same password and so Calamares have configured GRUB with a keyfile.bin for entering the password once at startup. Windows 10 is also installed and all is running without any issues.

I plan to use your Netrunner 19 Desktop edition for testing and developing tasks under Debian Buster (Netrunner is Buster based now).
Is it possible to install Netrunner in an easy way side by side with another Debian edition with the same layout (other physical HDD/partitions than the other Distro) LUKS/ext4 encrypted parttions /root,/home SWAP all using the same password? Is Calamares capable to manage this two Distros with two different keyfiles.bin via the right GRUB configuration? One GRUB entry exists now for the running Debian Gnome Distro. What are your advices? Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

My advise would be to choose not to install Grub at all when installing Netrunner. Let the already available Grub handle the systems booting.

Right after Netrunner is installed it will not appear in grub so you need to boot into Debian, mount your Netrunner (with decryption which dolphin should offer) and update-grub. That should give you a new entry to boot the system.

Other option would be to install grub on the second ssd/hdd and choose in efi/bios from which ssd/hdd to boot from on start

Thank you leszek. I have only a non-efi BIOS machine and so I will follow your first advise: One question to that solution: How I can tell Calamares not to install Grub and where I have to do that?

If understand you right, if any changes are done concerning the Grub-configuration I have always open the other Distro too and run afterwards update-grub and so I never lost the entry in Grub-menu of each Distro.


You have to go into the manual partitioner in Calamares to choose not to install Grub.


Thank you again. In the former netrunner release I have an issue with the above mentioned partition-layout and you told me to add in the proper Calamares config file of the LIve-ISO at line 37 -initramfs, have I to do that again?:slightly_smiling_face:

That should not be the case anymore.

The above mentioned plan with the given partition layout and two Linux Debian Distros side-by-side on a BIOS-legacy machine impossible. One Distro must be unencrypted, but that is not the question.:grinning: