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Improving Maui - your findings?


Hi there,

as I plan to install Maui today I already got one hint - not really a big thing but something for the overall appearence:
I use Multisystem on an USB.
When installing the .iso there are icons of the os shown - for maui its the ubuntu icon. You should change that to the acutal maui :wink:

Don’t know what i mean - here a picture (well - of the programm not my own stick with maui - but you’ll get the point):

So for the maui.iso image the icon left to the Name is the same as ubuntu.
Doesn’t really matter i know - but its kind of the same as with favicons+websites.


I do believe that multi system provides those icons, you can change them to whatever you like.


You’re right.
There are a lot of images in /usr/local/share/multisystem/pixmaps/
Anyway - i still wonder how/why Maui shows as Ubuntu then. Multisystem had no update the last half-or-year at least - and Maui is quite new isn’t it.
Still - not the biggest of deals :wink:


Maui is based on Neon which is based on Ubuntu LTS + updates to Plasma, etc.
Maui like Neon uses a semi-rolling release model (stable LTS base with a rolling application user land.)

NOTE: You can also use the Maui forums for comments, suggestions and issues: