Include header files

In order to compile my USB wireless adapter in the latest rolling version the ‘make’ fails due to missing headers. This works fine in the Netrunner 14. As i do not have access to a wired connection this causes issues as I can not compile using ‘make’

Is it possible to include the headers on the rolling version or somewhere in the iso so we can install them without an internet connection?


Yes, of course you can, but the driver you need may already be available in the repositories or the AUR.

I have to ask you first, what is the USB adapter you need to work (brand / model number, chip set or driver name)?

Thanks for the quick reply I am using D-Link Wireless AC Dual USB adapter DWA-171 The driver I use is:

cd rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux
make clean
sudo make install
sudo modprobe 8812au
Realtek 802.11ac (rtl8812au)

The installer doesn’t pick up the device.

First you will need the base-devel packages to compile software from the AUR:

sudo pacman -S base-devel

There are three drivers available in the AUR that supports your USB adapter.
Just pick one to install:

rtl8812au-git-dkms 0.0.0-2 (a modified version based on v4.2.2)
(this is the one that you downloaded and we’re trying to install manually)

 yaourt -S rtl8812au-git-dkms


 yaourt -S rtl8812au-dkms 


yaourt -S rtl8812au_asus-dkms

Since they use dkms they will automatically rebuild when you change Kernels.

Unfortunatly I do not have access to the interenet until the driver has been compiled. With the Netrunner 14 I can build without any connection and install and it works great. With the rolling Arch the make command fails on build. Just to be on the same page I am referring to the initial install with no access to the internet through wired or otherwise. If i run the above it tries to connect to the interenet with can’t be done.


The Netrunner Rolling ISO’s just like it’s parent distribution Manjaro does not ship with all of the development tools by default. The only thing I can do right now is to give you a link to the 3.14.x kernel headers package for the default Kernel that came on the Netrunner 2014.09.1 ISO, then you can use a USB key, SD card, external HD, or a shared folder, etc. to move it over to your Netrunner install for manual Installation:

To install the file you downloaded you open Octopi and use File > Install Local Package or open a terminal where the file is copied over to and type: sudo pacman -U <file name>

In order to keep the ISO size down I down’t think that the Netrunner, nor Manjaro teams are going to want to add all of the development tools and headers to their Install ISO’s.

Fantastic! thank you much appreciated.