Infrequent Updates

Being fairly new to it, I find that Netrunner/Manjaro doesn’t seem to update very often. Not that I need a updated Kernel, but 3.14 on Netrunner when my openSUSE Thumbweed (on laptop) is 3.17 seems a little out of date.

Strange as default using is 3.16.7-2 for me.
And could change to 3.17 if I wish.

Did you check Manjaro Settings>Kernels ?

Manjaro allows for multiple kernel series to be installed as illustrated above. If your running on the 3.14 LTS series of kernels you will receive updates to that series only, If you wish to upgrade, downgrade or have more than one Kernel series installed you will need to do THAT yourself using either the GUI in the Manjaro Settings Manager or by using mhwd-kernel from the command line.

To learn more about how Manjaro works take a look at their Wiki here:

I did know about the Manjaro Settings. Thanks for the information and the link. That’s what I was really looking for and didn’t state very well. I’m still learning about the Arch/Manjaro/Netrunner philosophy.