install brother printer driver dcp115c mfc210c

I need to install my old brother dcp115c on my rolling netrunner.

I have looked at Arch and Manjaro posts. There is nothing in AUR for mfc210c. I also found a post on Arch that requires deletions and modifications to files and paths. Not sure I feel confident about doing this.

I have installed the printer and scanner drivers from CUPS on Netrunner Standard using the deb versions on the brother driver website. But I do prefer using Rolling.

Could someone open a door for me because my HP printer has some mechanical problems?


I just found it for you my friend, you needed to add a dash to the model numbers like this:
mfc-210c or dcp-115c

this one list’s both printers and matches the version from their site for the dcp-115c:

yaourt -S brother-mfc-210c

this one is newer but it only lists the MFC-210c, and matches the version from the site for it:

yaourt -S brother-cups-wrapper-extra 1.2.1-1

For the scanner (sane drivers):

yaourt -S brscan2

You can also use octopi to search for and install these as well, just click on in the right panel.


Thanks for the printer and scanner drivers which I have installed and octopi confirms this.

I restarted my os but only my HP printer is available to use. Kinfocenter says brother printer is connected to usb.

Not sure what to do now. Would appreciate a next step, please.

Thanks again

Hi, well sorry I forgot to add printer in system settings and now my applications see my brother dcp115c and I have printed a test page.

Simple scan does not connect with the brother scanner and I do not see a way to do this in system settings. As I said, octopi agrees brscan2 driver is installed.

Will keep trying to push my learning curve, and thanks again

Sometimes it’s a good idea to look up AUR packages from the web site:

You need to a symbolic link for brscan2 to function on 64bit systems:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/brother/sane/ /usr/local/Brother/sane

I have a brother MFC-240C, and sometimes it takes a while for the scanner to show up after install.

You can also try using kdegraphics-ksaneplugin or skanlite instead of simplescan if you would rather have a QT or KDE based application…