install choice


I’ve tried many linux distros and some of them has an option with programs you want to install.
I understand the idea of netrunner but some people like different browser, different mail, some don’t need virtualbox, some don’t need games.
So an Idea is to have basic installation and custom. And I don’t think that this can be a problem because new users always will have “main” installation. Just same as hard drive partitioning, “custom”.
Experienced users mostly like clean install of linux and later choice programs. I think we could have more users just because of that. As I understand number of users it’s important for any new distribution. More test, more bug fix, more support, more security.
At the moment I can’t see any of my friends to join from windows, because most people have laptops and there is windows already so nobody care too much. But those who trying linux still looking for more nice, slick, stable and more customizable one.

People want options. If you take them away you lack customization. I think that was the whole selling point of KDE, customization. Netrunner has come a long way but can still use some improvment. :angel: