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Install newer kernel?


I’d like to know about the new kernel 5.3.5-1 ,
My Netrunner rolling is doing fine with kernel 5.2.20-1,
Just wondering is there any need to upgrade if the (my NRR) system is working A O K,
What advantages would there be to moving up to the new kernel 5.3.5-1
The Intel Coffelake is fine should I wait until it starts to ? slow down or behave strangely ?
I’m keeping the LTS kernel 4.19.78-1 installed just n case.

Thanks in advance for any advice


That one is up to you,
If you wan’t to know what’s new with any particular kernel you can read it’s changelog.
However, I tend to follow “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” policy.
Keeping the latest working LTS kernel installed, is always a good policy.
Sometimes, the newer kernels offer more issues than fixes when it comes to older hardware.
This, and few other reasons, are exactly why Manjaro offers, and supports, multiple kernels.


Thanks for the fast reply, agree with you on that is good policy

Thought so

Keeping the latest working LTS kernel installed, is always a good policy.

The reason I asked was that I wasn’t sure because sometimes they might have some special security features etc,

Only two things are very small things not problems,
still been looked into as to- why is that ?
If I cannot find out - Why
and if they are really a bother then, I will ask.

Thank You for the advice.


With older hardware and newer kernels, it could be anything from regressions to dropped support. There is also the fact that non-lts kernels hit EOL more often, and are removed from the repositories. The issue there is Manjaro does not upgrade or change between kernels revisions automatically in this situations. This means that you end up with an unsupported, and as time goes by, insecure kernel on your system. Keep in mind your responsible for changing to a different kernel revision as they hit EOL, with lts kernels this is far less frequent.


Very aware of EOL for the kernels that’s why keep the the LTS kernel and then Manjaro Setting Manager widget is on the bottom panel and do a right click check for kernels every few weeks -just in case, for the above reasons that you said.

Until something in the kernels changes, I’ll leave it as it is.