Install not using netrunner layout

I did a fresh install of Netrunner TE and on the live dvd it has all the correct theme and wallpaper, but after I do the install. its a default kde theme with no wallpaper and no special menu or anything.

what am I doing wrong?

I am installing it to an ext4 partition. I have my old home partition but I deleted all of the hidden folders like .kde .config etc. so it should not have any previous kde setup it should be what the dvd is installing and its not working.

I would love to have the theme thats on the live session on the dvd but its not working. so any help is appreciated I would like to not have to manually change everything.


I did a fresh install but with no separate home partition and it worked flawlessly. so there is some problem with the home partition install

But I really like this distro more than any other I have tried so far :wink: especially the veromix, but would prefer pulseaudio control and the veromix is the closest I have seen so far.

But I am now off to add retroshare and pidgin and few other programs I use.

Yeah there is no preset in netrunner, its quite strange as most KDE distros I have used have a reset button